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5Dimes has been in business for over 10 years and has built up a solid reputation in the industry and plenty of bettors, especially from the United States. 5Dimes accepts players from around the world and has continued to grow due to their fast payouts, solid customer service and of course their great odds and reduced juice. 5Dimes is an American focussed sportsbooks, which means they are perfect for MLB bettors, due to the fact they will always have MLB lines available quickly and many promotions will be geared towards MLB bettors.

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MLB Betting

The MLB season is a long 162 games followed by playoffs, which leaves a lot of opportunity for betting on MLB games.  To be a winning MLB bettor you have to be patient and pick your spots with lines that you feel offer an advantage to the bettor.  You can check the MLB odds on a daily basis right here at (we offer a live script from, but we strongly suggest you compare odds with 5Dimes because they will almost always be more player friendly) and I also advise you to check out our MLB betting tips page to pick up a few pointers that may help you this MLB season.

The most common types of MLB bets are run line and money line bets.

Run Line Bet

The run line bet is similar to betting the spread in basketball or football, in that the favourite must win be a set number of runs.  Here is an example:

Arizona Diamondbacks +1.5 (-185)
Colorado Rockies -1.5 (+160)

In this example the Rockies are slight favourites and must win by 2 or more runs for a “run line” bet on them to payout.  You should also notice the +160 odds beside the Rockies run line.  This indicates that for every $100 wagered on this run line outcome $160 is won.  On the other side of the coin a bet on the Diamondbacks pays out if they either win the game or lose by 1 run.  This is more likely to happen so a $185 wager wins $100 (as indicated by the -170).  As high scoring as MLB games often are a great deal are decided by 1 run.  For this reason you will almost always find run line amounts of 1.5 and the team that must win by 2 or more runs will usually have higher than +100 odds.

Money Line Bet

The money line bet is very straight forward.  You are simply wagering on which team will win the game.  Using the same example as above here is the money line:

Arizona Diamondbacks +114
Colorado Rockies -124

A Diamondbacks win would payout $214 on a $100 wager, while a Rockies win would payout $224 on a $124 wager.  These are great examples of reduced juice lines that you will only find at 5Dimes Sportsbook.

Other MLB Bets

Some other MLB wagers that you can make include betting the over or under on the total number of runs to be scored in the game, betting on props such as which team will score first or if a player will hit a home run and futures bets such as which team will win the World Series this year.


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